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Months after graduating from the Department of Medical Engineering, Dr. Mark Bauer tragically lost his life. His legacy as a dedicated student and researcher is being memorialized through a fund to help future students fulfill their educational dreams. With your gift of any size, you are continuing the impact Dr. Mark A. Bauer had in the Department of Medical Engineering at ֱ by supporting current and future students.

Dr. Akintewe has been awarded a Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network seed grant. Dr. Akintewe stated, "This award will help develop a mentoring support system that intentionally targets engineering identity, persistence, and retention of underrepresented and underserved populations in STEM.”

Excellence in Innovation

Dr. Richard Heller and Dr. Mark Jarozseski

Dr. Richard Heller and Dr. Mark Jaroszeski were awarded the Excellence in Innovation Award for their 2020-2021 fiscal year accomplishments. Both Dr. Heller and Dr. Jaroszeski developed a series of patents related to drug delivery through electroporation for the veterinary and human clinical market.