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How to Apply | Freshman Students

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You can apply for admission using ֱ’s online application or the Common App. ֱ does not have a preference between the two, so choose whichever application you would like. Check out our deadlines to ensure you don't miss out on term selection, scholarships, campus choice and more. 


Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need to do to complete your application package. You can also if you need it later.

1. Submit Your Application

Complete the  or the .

ֱ Online Application

Check out our tutorial video or download  on how to apply easily. 


Common App

Check out our tutorial video or download  on how to apply easily.


2. Pay Your Application Fee

Pay the nonrefundable, $30 application fee or submit an ACT, CLT or SAT application fee waiver* to

3. Submit Your Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR)

Fill out the Student Self-Reported Academic Record. After you submit your online application, you’ll receive a Thanks for Applying email with a link to complete the SSAR. List your high school courses and grades exactly as they appear on your transcript.

If you have already completed the SSAR, please link the ֱ to your  or via the ֱ Applicant Portal.

If you have completed any high school coursework outside of the U.S., you will not need to complete the SSAR. You will need to submit official transcripts from your institutions attended.

4. Submit Your SAT, ACT or CLT Scores

You will need to submit test scores directly from the testing service to be considered for admission.

Test Score Acceptance Information

For Summer and Fall 2024 admission, only test scores from exams taken before January 2024 will be accepted.
  • SAT Code for ֱ: 5828
  • ACT Code for ֱ: 0761
  • CLT: Please select ֱ from dropdown on CLT website
    • Note: ֱ is accepting test scores from CLT tests taken on or after July 1, 2023.

Students are only required to submit either SAT, ACT or CLT scores, but they are encouraged to submit one of each. ֱ superscores, meaning we consider your highest submitted section scores across all SAT, ACT and CLT test dates. Final admission decisions are made using only your highest cumulative scores. ֱ will not accept scores from the Common App portal, your guidance counselor or PDF screenshot. Scores must come directly from SAT, ACT and CLT testing services.

That’s it! Once you’ve completed all four steps, the admissions team will take some time to review your file and render a decision. Now that you've applied, check out your next steps below to keep your application moving forward.


It’s important to activate your NetID since you will use it for a variety of tasks, such as viewing your tuition statement and financial aid, registering for courses, accessing your ֱ email account and checking the Admissions Portal. Do not share your NetID and password with anyone, and make sure you personally know your NetID name and password.

You should have received an email from  after you submitted your application with information on how to activate your NetID. The link to activate expires after 7 days, so if you need help with activation, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 813-974-HELP (4357) or


Once you apply, you’ll use  to complete most remaining application tasks. From here, you can see any missing items, upload documents, complete requested forms, check your application status and more. Access the portal any time by logging in with your NetID and password. 

You should receive an email from ֱ Information Technology after you submit your application with information on how to activate your NetID. If you have any NetID issues, please contact ֱ Information Technology at


When you apply to ֱ, the Office of Admissions uses information on your application to determine whether you are an in-state or out-of-state resident. This classification is important because it sets your tuition rates.

If we don’t receive enough information on your application to determine residency, you will be classified as a non-Florida resident for tuition purposes. It’s very important to respond to requests for information about your residency as soon as possible. Learn more about how residency is determined and how to ensure you’re classified correctly. 

Residency Information


ֱ doesn’t require you to submit transcripts when you apply. However, if admitted, your admission is contingent upon submitting final high school transcripts and any college transcripts showing dual enrollment coursework you’ve completed. Learn more about how to submit your final transcripts. 

Submit Transcripts


We’re here to help! Check out our blog post, , for information on the most common inquiries, or reach out to us at any time.

*We will waive your admissions application fee if you can show evidence that the fee creates severe financial hardship and serves as a deterrent to your ability to seek admission to ֱ. Please submit an original ACT, CLT or SAT Request for Deferral/Waiver of College Admission Application Fee Waiver Form. Typically, you may secure this via your high school guidance counselor who will send it to ֱ on your behalf. Although this is the easiest way to ensure the waiver of an application fee, the Director of Admissions also will consider requests for a waiver.